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To provide vacuum coating equipment design and manufacture and process development ,  various models of vacuum coating equipment products and vacuum coating solutions, including vacuum coating equipment, rotating cathode, end sockets.

One-stop after-sales service, planar cathode upgrade, serve in touch panel, thin film solar energy, optics, OLED, FPD, electrochromic glass industries and so on.

Focus on researching the technology of thin film devices and film depositon in the fields of thin film solar cells, electrochromic etc. to provide our customers with the best equipment solutions.


April 911th 2018,China Electronic Information Expo (abbreviation CITE 2018) is held in ShenzhenConvention and Exhibition Center. As the largest and with internationalinfluence of the electronic information Expo...

·The first Thin filmsolar energy PVD equipment delivery ceremony was a complete success

March 23, 2018,company successful deliveried "the first thin film solar CIGS PVDequipment" . After years of technical research and development , company’sPVD equipment technology successfully achieved breakthrough in the field ofthin film solar energy ....

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